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"Con Toda Mi Alma 5 (An Alice Story)" written by Max

"Con Toda Mi Alma 5 (An Alice Story)" written by Max

Free Erotica Series featuring Alice

Nina turns down her boyfriend's rough advances and escapes to loving licks and kisses with her Mistress Alice. Alice shows the pretty Latina that her shaved sex is no reason to be worried or ashamed.

Alice is full of laughter and heated intentions while going further and exploring big toys and pretty women and men. Her first cock was a classic thick Heinz 57, and she loves the feeling of pushing her pussy to the breaking point.

One of three smoking hot stories in Cherish Desire: Very Dirty Stories #131, "Con Toda Mi Alma 5 (An Alice Story)" illustrates the love Nina has for her Mistress Alice. Alejandro's rough handling and sexual interest can't compete with Alice's soft kisses and welcoming cuddles.

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Get ready! Alice is all about sexy adventures.

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Cherish Desire: Very Dirty Stories Free Erotica Series: Con Toda Mi Alma 5 (An Alice Story), Alice, Max, erotica
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Con Toda Mi Alma 5 (An Alice Story)"

Nina turns down her boyfriend’s rough advances and escapes to loving licks and kisses with her Mistress Alice. Alice shows the pretty Latina that her shaved sex is no reason to be worried or ashamed. [Includes: FF, Implied MF, Oral Sex, Female Masturbation, Fingering, Spanking, Dildo Play & Wearing, Vaginal & Anal Penetration, Implied Strap-on Sex]

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"Con Toda Mi Alma 5 (An Alice Story)" written by Max

"Alejandro," Nina pushed him back carefully, "it's not a good time of the month." She had to cover up for her shaved pussy, so she had told everyone her period came early. Her sisters had mocked her, asking if it was because of the crazy white bitches that she was spending so much time with. After all, the four of them had identical menstruation cycles. But Nina complained of cramps and feeling nauseous, and then the snide comments changed to disparaging insults about her getting knocked up.

Something Alejandro wasn't opposed to at all. "But maybe you have a baby in there already," he suggested with his hands digging at her waistband. "I can check and see... and maybe help make one for you." He tried harder when Nina smacked his arms, but then he froze when she scratched at his arms. "What is wrong with you, girl? Is it true? Have you been hanging with those bitches?"

Angry, Nina pulled herself out of her boyfriend's reach. "It doesn't matter who I spend time with. I'm not feeling good, and you're not listening." She pouted at him.

"What do you expect me to do? Get you some chicken soup?" He was pissed off, too. He didn't come all the way over to Nina's to leave unsatisfied. "It doesn't look like your arms are broken. Maybe you can put those hands to good use."

Nina blushed bright red, mentally picturing what putting her hands to good use now meant, and then feigned turning slightly green. "I'm gonna be sick," she groaned and ran to the bathroom. The sound of fake retching was over the top, but Alejandro got the point. He left without saying anything, letting one of Nina's sisters smack his ass on the way out, and gave up on it. He'd hook up after some beers and get off with someone else.

Nina texted Alice from the toilet. The response, "Ok, be right over, xoxo," made her smile. She went straight from the bathroom to her bedroom, packed her work outfit for the next day, and grabbed her bag of dirty clothes.

When Nina pushed past her sisters, she muttered, "I might as well get laundry done if I'm going to be sick." They knew she was faking and dodging a date with Alejandro, but there was no point in breaking with appearances. Two of her sisters started making fun of her, but Nina shrugged off their juvenile comments. She was out the door and down the street with her bag tossed over her shoulder. She just had to wait for Alice to pick her up. Each step away from her sisters was a big relief.

Back at Alice's place, they sorted her laundry and then took it down to the apartment complex machines. When they came back to Alice's living room, Nina curled up on the couch and Alice went back to her silly games. They didn't need to talk. Now and again, Alice would touch Nina's ankle. Once in a while, Nina would look up and brush Alice's hair back from her face. It was a quiet sort of thing.

When they swapped the first load from the washer to the dryer and started the second load, Alice finally asked, "Was it because you shaved?" She was worried about her sexy Latina girlfriend.

Nina blushed. "They don't know yet. I... I pretended that I was bleeding early. But Alejandro was almost in my panties. I had to get out of there." It was a big deal. Her sisters considered any deviation from drunk, horny, and get married to boyfriend sex to be a sign of becoming a whore or worse. Hanging her head low, she asked, "How long will it take to grow back?"

"Oh, sweetie," Alice rushed to her friend's arms and gave her a big boobie shaking hug. Then she looked at the laundry machines suspiciously. "You know, I think the dryers aren't working right. So you'll have to air out your clothes here so they can hang dry. It could take days..." She didn't have the heart to tell Nina how much her regrowth would itch and how long it would take for fresh pubic hair to cover her sexy pussy.

Understanding Alice's offer, Nina hugged her back. "I don't want to... well, I'll help you clean up and stuff, right?" She was sure Alice would love to have her apartment organized and cleaned. It was something her Mistress struggled with given her long work hours and bouts of excessive pain from her injured leg.

Alice nodded and kissed Nina's cheek. "I would really appreciate that." She was being honest. Her apartment was too cozy and small for a full time roommate, but it would be nice to have company.

Company became more than that though. That evening Nina went into the bathroom, feeling a bit lonely and depressed, and hung out with Alice while her Mistress was in the bath. One thing led to another, there were giggles and a bit of soap suds, and then Nina was commandeered into washing Mistress Alice's back. It wasn't long before Nina was stripped naked and in the tub as well, slowly petting and lathering Alice's long hair, and enjoying more intimate girl time. Once Nina was done washing Alice, her Mistress took advantage of the Latina's sexy naked body.

"Come here, pretty," Alice murmured while rinsing off in the shower spray. Water was draining from around their ankles, and the tub was a bit slippery, so Nina moved cautiously to give Alice a hug.

Toasty warm in the water spray, and feeling lusty and relaxed from the way Nina had thoroughly washed her breasts over and over again, Alice gave her lover an extra squeeze. "Did I do ok?" Nina wasn't sure. She hadn't washed with another woman since she was a teenager, and she was certain quick showers with her sisters to save time and hot water didn't count.

Alice nodded. "I want you to face the wall and bend forward." Nina had a puzzled expression on her face, but it faded when she saw her Mistress' determination. "Come on, sweetie. Play with me." The blown kisses helped Nina relax.

As soon as her girlfriend's bottom was exposed, Alice ran her hands over the round globes of her buttocks. "Sometimes you have to be spanked for being bad, but this is a spanking for being so wonderfully good." Her fingers massaged and kneaded the younger woman's ass. "I know you didn't want to shave. But you made me so happy. I'm sorry it scares you so much." Alice's hand lightly swatted Nina's left cheek. "But I need a nice shaved pussy sometimes... it looks so good on you..." Her hand smacked Nina's right cheek slightly harder. "And someday, maybe..." Her hand began a steady progression of slapping right then left then left then right, not hard enough to sting but definitely firm enough to make Nina's buttocks shudder and wobble.

"Mistress... why are you spanking me?" It was strange and seemed too weird to understand. Nina didn't fight it because Alice clearly enjoyed what she was doing. But Nina had no idea what she was supposed to be doing in return. She felt kind of stupid just leaning into the shower wall with her butt sticking out.

Alice slowed to a stop, letting her hand rest while examining her progress. Nina's natural deep tan skin tone covered up the marks, but Alice was certain that the rounded buttocks were slightly bruised and swollen. "It's to help you," she said softly. Nina stood up without being told, and Alice shrugged. "When you're desperate to scratch away the itching, you can press harder into your seat and your bottom will ache. Just a little bit and it will fade quickly. But it always helps me when I can't shave for a few days." Nina still didn't understand, but Alice knew that the dark haired sweetie would figure it out once her pubic hair started growing back. Changing topics, Alice winked and said, "You followed directions very well. Except I didn't tell you that I was done." Sighing in the warm water, Alice made a silly face. "I wonder how you can repay me..."

The answer turned out to be very simple once they were out of the shower. With a plug in her bottom, Nina pressed into the soft flesh of her Mistress' sex with her tongue. Feeling the cool bedroom air on her bald pussy still made the hair stand up on Nina's arms, but the sultry heat of Alice's pussy made her face flushed and hot. Her tongue flattened against the crinkled folds of the sexy dominant's pussy and her whole head moved upward until the full length of her tongue had caressed Alice's clit. Then Nina gasped for air while Alice's hand took control of her head and held the submissive's face against her wet pussy opening.

Nina licked and sucked and breathed in pussy juice all at the same time. She knew from prior experience with her Mistress that soaking her face with fragrant wetness was deliberate. "I want you to taste me, smell me, and remember me all week," Alice would sometimes say to make her intentions clear. But this time her Mistress was being more demanding than usual. Nina had to submit, she couldn't fight the hand holding the back of her head, and then she realized it was more than that even. Her naked pussy glistened with her own juices while Nina dutifully lapped up Alice's generous wetness. Her ass clenched on the butt plug, and the solid object bobbed in an out of her anus. Nina kept going, even when her jaw ached and her tongue was too sore to move, until Alice let her go.

It took a minute to realize her Mistress had truly removed her hand and wasn't just adjusting her grip. Nina was tempted to just take a break and let her cheek rest on her Mistress' warm inner thigh, but she knew what was really expected of her. The kindness her Mistress had shown picking her up and letting her stay over was something Nina wanted to repay and stopping now would be disrespectful. Tongue heavy and swollen in her mouth, jaw aching and uncomfortable, Nina lifted her chin up and pressed it into Mistress Alice's wide open pussy while her lips captured her Mistress' clit. She began to suckle the sensitive nub while pressing against her Mistress' drenched pelvis. The intense sensations made Alice kick and moan, but that just meant Nina was doing it right. She willed her tongue into motion, just using the tip of it to stroke over the tiny pea of Alice's clitoris. Her Mistress kicked harder and began rocking her pelvis in response.

Finding her second wind, Nina began to softly hum while sucking and licking Alice's tender pink nub. Her Mistress' twitching and heaving just encouraged her to keep going and to push through the exhaustion and aches and pains. Nina had Alice right on the cusp of a swelling orgasm, and she placed one final kiss on her Mistress' clit before slipping lower and plunging her tongue into the heated recesses of Alice's pussy.

Orgasming so hard that her legs shook and toes curled, Alice had to claw at the sheets to keep from grabbing Nina's head and begin face fucking the sweet submissive. Her juices flooded her girlfriend's face, and Alice saw the slick girl cum all over the Latina's cheeks, nose, lips, and chin when Nina looked up. "What about you?" the curvy brunette sighed. Alice was still reeling from the intensity of her hard release. Her voice was breathy and uncertain.

Nina turned over and slowly backed into place with her shaved pussy over her Mistress' mouth. Their curves didn't quite fit together right to sixty-nine, but the feel of Alice's breasts pressed against her belly made Nina happy. A single lick stroked over her bald lips, and Nina shuddered while spreading her legs further apart. A second kiss made her arms feel wobbly. The third, a deep soulful frenching of her sex, turned Nina inside out and she collapsed onto Alice's belly with her head on her Mistress' thigh.

That didn't stop Alice. She kissed and pecked and licked her little submissive's bald sex all while holding back the words she wanted to say. She knew Nina wasn't ready to accept how beautiful her pussy was. She knew that shaving the poor girl had been as traumatic as Ronin had anticipated. Alice had wanted it so badly though, and it was killing her to keep quiet about how delicious Nina's thick lips were and how adorable her deep furrow was and how sexy her shaved mound looked. Each kiss was another adjective. Some short, some long, all of them compliments. Alice's own slick pussy was puddling, and her juices were making a wet spot under her buttocks. She finally finished, struggling to breathe with Nina resting on her chest, and lightly slapped her submissive's side to encourage her to move.

Falling sideways into the bed while being extra careful not to hit her Mistress with a knee or foot, Nina was overwhelmed with inner radiance. She didn't dare think about how much different her night could have been. Alejandro's crude compliments and lewd praise compared to her Mistress' delicate kiss and touch. The five minute sprint while Alejandro pounded into her pussy and then his lazy collapse and fucking classic cigarette afterward like he was some Hugh Hefner god. Mistress Alice's gentle insistent urging of Nina to orgasm followed by cuddling and fingers caressing her body. Snide comments about how much better she could have done if she was prettier or smarter or worked harder when Nina came home and crawled into bed. Alice's open arms and warm embrace while nuzzling her cheeks and kissing her forehead.

Sometimes Nina wished that she never had to leave Mistress Alice's apartment, but Ronin would have laughed at that and said too much luxury and comfort would spoil her instincts. She wondered about him, too, but not at the moment. Right now it was flopping around on the bed and giggling time. Lost in her bliss and forgetting to cuddle her Mistress, Nina was reminded soon enough with several firm swats to her bottom. Alice needed kisses and hugs after their vigorous orgasms. The pretty Latina grinned and shook her butt before turning around. Her Mistress cackled madly and smacked the rounded curve of Nina's ass so hard that Nina "Oomph'd" and collapsed back into the comfy mattress. More giggling and laughter as a rain of gentle spankings encouraged Nina to move while occasionally nudging the plug in her bottom for extra emphasis.

She had forgotten all the pain from earlier in the evening. All Nina cared about was her Mistress and their silly games. That was enough to make the whole next day better.


With a wicked grin, Nina slipped off her skirt and tugged her loose fitting shirt over her head. She made no attempt to cover her snug panties, and Alice gave her a quick hug before turning back to Maggie, Mandy, and Lora. Each of the ladies was stripped down to her underwear though Maggie was definitely wearing a bright red blush that started at her cheeks and continued downward to her dark areolas.

Pointing toward the Twister mat spread out on Maggie's floor, Alice established herself as the referee for the celebration party opener. "Two rules: Lots of giggling and groping." She laughed and Maggie managed an even deeper crimson. "Our special girl has requested first spin... which means she's gonna be on the bottom!" Lora and Mandy cheered while Nina clapped happily.

"I'm not sure this was such a good idea," Maggie admitted bashfully. "Are you sure..."

Nina immediately scooped up a triple strength margarita and handed it to the embarrassed woman. "You know what they say?" she whispered to her Mistress. "Margarita means drunk white girl." They tittered while Maggie made a show of glaring at Nina's tanned breasts and finishing her liquor.

Lora took the empty glass, sighed, and began to push off her panties. All the other women stared for a moment, but Nina broke the moment of shock by doing the same. "I know why I'm stripping down, sweetie," the dark skinned beauty said while looking at Nina's exposed and clean shaven sex, "but are you hot, too?" Mandy was looking at Maggie and Maggie was looking at Alice, but Alice was just giggling.

"Mistress Alice said no one was allowed to be more naked than I am. Special house rules for Maggie's party." Nina forced herself to make eye contact with the older women. She expected them to say something, to be mean to her, but they were mostly gaping at her body. "Is something... ummm... wrong with that?"

Out of nowhere Maggie rushed to Alice and gave her a tremendous hug. "I love you so much!" she gushed and showered Alice with kisses. Nina watched while Mandy set down her drink and sighed. Her panties slid over her shuddering hips, and now three of them were completely naked. When Maggie was done lavishing Alice with praise, she turned around and faced the other ladies. "I just want to watch."

"No way, jose," Lora giggled. "Naked party time!" She caught Nina's sideway glance. "We were supposed to have a naked party for Maggie's thirtieth, but someone chickened out."

Mandy stepped over to the Latina's side and stage whispered, "She's never let us live it down." The two women were naturally shaped, Mandy's sparse dark pubic hair cradled the long slope of her pelvis and contrasted with Lora's distinct landing strip of wiry brown curls on her cinnamon skin. The rounded form of their soft bellies matched the soft sag of their breasts. Mandy had perky nipples that contrasted with Lora's dark brown rings around barely visible nubs. But Lora made up for that with a luscious wide ass that made Mandy look a bit scrawny.

The pretty Latina reached out to them, caressing their arms, and Mandy gave Nina an unasked for hug. "Better be careful, Maggie's known to get very lusty." The easy friendship between Alice and her ladies was extended to her, and the young woman appreciated it even if it was hard to trust. Yet there was something missing - something that seemed out of place.

"Remember the big sash we got for Halloween?" Lora tugged on Mandy's arm. "Let's dress up Maggie!" Suddenly excited and laughing, the two women trotted off in all their bare naked glory to hunt down tiaras and sashes and lights in their hostess' closet.

Maggie looked shyly at Nina. "Are you warm enough?" her voice purred while Alice held the special girl close to her heavy breasts.

Taking the subtle hint, the pretty Latina slid into her Mistress' arms and joined Maggie in a threeway hug. She didn't complain or flinch while chilled pale fingers explored and caressed her body. Alice murmured soft praise into Nina's ears, and Maggie never went too far. But when the party was over, and Nina was sitting in her Mistress' hybrid on the ride back to Alice's apartment, she had to ask about what had been troubling her the entire time.

"Why didn't I... you know... feel turned on?" Nina was struggling with how her body was so neutral to the touch of the other three women while they flirted and got drunk and silly. "I... well... with you, it's so different."

Her Mistress sighed, and let go of the steering wheel long enough to caress her pet's thigh. "Because they were just having fun. You don't feel wet every time you see a man, right? Why would you be turned on by every woman?" Despite Alice's gentle patience, Nina still felt lost discovering her sexuality and it was hard to understand how to best support the young woman.

Nina decided to avoid the hard questions. To avoid asking what her play with Alice meant. To avoid digging too deep into her feelings for her Mistress. "You wanted them to see that I was shaved." It was a cautious statement looking for affirmation.

Alice corrected her lover. "I wanted you to see that we're all different and we're all ok exactly the way we are. Shaved, trimmed, hairy..." She giggled. "But Mandy pulled me aside and asked if I'd love her more if she had a bald pussy." Nina was worried for a moment, but Alice turned and she had a wicked grin. "Maybe I'll get her a Holmes for her next birthday... what do you think?"

Full of pride over her special role with her Mistress, Nina snarked, "Her butt was way too tight for that. I think she was clenching the entire time." Alice's laughter brought a smile to her face. "If I hadn't been shaved... I mean..."

With a deep breath, Alice placed her hand on Nina's arm while they stopped at a red light. "Your sisters always tell you being shaved makes you a whore. That's what they were afraid of. They sleep with men to get ahead. They party but the next day everything has to be denied." Her fingers gave her pretty partner's arm a squeeze. "Not us. We're loco, remember? We enjoy our bodies; we enjoy sex; and we do it for our pleasure." She winked at Nina and began to accelerate through the green light. "So what if you hadn't been shaved? You're still a woman. You're still beautiful. You're still my Nina."

Hers. Nina felt warm at the thought, and her doubts faded while she studied the smile on her Mistress' face under the passing street lights. "Do you think my pussy is pretty shaved?" The question was asked so quietly that the words scarcely stirred the air in front of Nina's mouth.

Alice tried to cover up the urge to stare at her lovely submissive, but she still twitched. "Honestly?" She wiggled in her seat. "I've been waiting for you to ask." Her joy radiated outward, illuminating her sari while the curvy brunette glowed with delight.


"Will you be hurt if I tell you the truth? Because I don't want to lie. I don't want to hold it in. I want you to believe me." Her sexy voice sang to her precious lover. "Not just because I'm your Mistress. I want you to believe me because it comes from my heart."

Nina felt her chest thumping and her blood hurrying in her limbs in response to Alice's sweet passion. "I... I want to know..." She was so unsure, but it felt right. Her fingers reached out and stroked her Mistress' hair and shoulder. "Please."

With the sexual heat of a lusty lioness, Alice replied with words wrapped in tender kisses. "I used to caress your soft lips, and they were hidden from me. Now I can feel every crinkle, every fold, every moist slope, and I want more. I want you cradled in my hand when I sleep. I want your smooth pussy tucked against my thigh when we cuddle. I want your legs spread and your fingers tugging your pretty lips outward in the shower." She sighed with contentment. "You feel so good, so special, and I never want to let you go. When you're shaved, there's nothing between us." Alice moaned softly, "And now I'm soaking wet and we're not even halfway home."

Pushing at her skirt, Nina moved around in her seat. It took more effort than she expected, but with a final adjustment of her seatbelt to prevent it from slicing over her boob, Nina's pussy was exposed. "You know what I feel when I'm shaved?" she whispered to her Mistress. Her fingers pressed over her soft abdomen and down to the parted flesh hugging her sex. "I feel like I should be fucked by you." This was the difference. This is what Nina hadn't felt around Alice's friends despite their caresses and openness and friendliness. "I feel like I have to hide my pussy away so no one else knows. I feel like my sisters might find out at any time."

"You're not worried about them just knowing you're shaved..." Alice and Ronin had discussed how hard it could be on Nina if she came out of the closet to her sisters. "But sweetie, you don't ever have to tell anyone your private business."

Nina spread her labia and began massaging the soft ring of skin at her opening. "In front of all of them... every time they ask... you are my Mistress." Moaning as her inner wetness began to seep into her fingers, Nina leaned back in her seat and began to masturbate. The soft rumble of the road added a full body vibration to her touch. "And Mistress... means..." She gasped when they hit a pothole and the nail of her pinkie scraped her sensitive inner walls.

"What does it mean, sweetie?" Alice was trying to drive, but her head kept turning to enjoy how Nina touched herself.

Forced to lewdly thrust her pelvis out while lifting her ass off the passenger seat, the Latina finally managed to comfortably fit four fingers into her wet pussy. "My Mistress gets to have all of this." She grinned. "Tell me what you want to do when we get back to your bed, Mistress?"

Laughing and drumming the steering wheel with glee, Alice replied, "Do you want to know? Or can you tell me?" It was obvious Nina had something in mind while writhing and twisting against her own fingers in plain view of any car that passed them.

"Your big cock buried in my ass... your fingers deep inside of my shaved pussy... and- Oh!" Nina paused, felt around desperately and then collapsed to her seat laughing like a maniac.

Alice caught on quickly. "Just make sure your chiming ball doesn't get under my feet while I'm driving." She gasped and then giggled while Nina groped her inner thighs and pretended to be checking for the steel ball that had popped out of her pussy. "I thought you were practicing keeping those tucked inside of you."

With soft laugh, Nina replied, "I got excited. Guess my Mistress will have to spank me." They both cackled and were happy and silly for the rest of the drive.

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Cherish Desire: Very Dirty Stories #117, Max, erotica

Cherish Desire: Very Dirty Stories #117, Max, erotica Cherish Desire: Very Dirty Stories #117, Max, erotica

Very Dirty Stories #117

"Adventures with Alice 9 (An Alice Story)"

Alice adores Nina so much, and she wants Ronin help break her in. That's how the pretty Latina ends up pierced and clenching on his rigid shaft. [Includes: FF, MF, D/s, Phone Sex, Fingering & Implied Fisting, Anal & Implied Vaginal Sex, Tattoo & Piercing, Implied Strap-on Sex, Implied Dildo Play & Wearing, Implied Vaginal & Anal Penetration, Implied Female Masturbation, Implied Exhibitionism (Public)]

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Cherish Desire Singles: Adventures with Alice (The Complete Ten Part Series), His Witch Mistress (An Alice Story), Max, erotica

Cherish Desire Singles: Adventures with Alice (The Complete Ten Part Series), His Witch Mistress (An Alice Story), Max, erotica Cherish Desire Singles: Adventures with Alice (The Complete Ten Part Series), His Witch Mistress (An Alice Story), Max, erotica Cherish Desire Singles: Adventures with Alice (The Complete Ten Part Series), His Witch Mistress (An Alice Story), Max, erotica Cherish Desire Singles: Adventures with Alice (The Complete Ten Part Series), His Witch Mistress (An Alice Story), Max, erotica

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    Ronin and Alice relish a good thunderstorm. It makes fisting and plunging into Alice's bottom a hair tingling experience!
  • "Adventures with Alice 4 (An Alice Story)"
    Alice and Ronin plunge into Stacy in a delightful threesome. Breaking another play toy just means Alice gets more one on one time with Ronin!
  • "Adventures with Alice 5 (An Alice Story)"
    On the brink of an orgasm, Nina will agree to whatever Alice wants. The pretty Latina can't help herself while enjoying a strap-on pressing against her!
  • "Adventures with Alice 6 (An Alice Story)"
    So big that it hurts, but Alice keeps the big dildo wedged inside her opening anyway. Ronin wants her to wear it for four days - so she'll be able to handle his fist and his shaft at the same time.
  • "Adventures with Alice 7 (An Alice Story)"
    Alice's ploy to corrupt Tatyana hinges on Ronin's help. So she introduces him to Susan, the unwitting sexy coin of their trade.
  • "Adventures with Alice 8 (An Alice Story)"
    Fisting & riding Holmes fit into sexy plans Alice has for Nina. The pretty Latina & her Mistress' delights!
  • "Adventures with Alice 9 (An Alice Story)"
    Alice adores Nina so much, and she wants Ronin help break her in. That's how the pretty Latina ends up pierced and clenching on his rigid shaft.
  • "His Witch Mistress (An Alice Story)"
    Ronin reminisces about Alice - the most wonderful witch Mistress that he ever knew.
[Includes: FF, MF, MFF, Threesome, MFFF, MMFF, Affection & Kissing, Phone Sex, Vaginal & Anal Sex, Female Masturbation, Fingering & Fisting, Vaginal & Anal Penetration, Dildo Play & Wearing, Strap-on Sex, Object Insertion (Soda Can), Stretching, Double Penetration, Dragon, Implied Canine, D/s, Bondage, Implied Spanking, Cheating, Implied Exhibitionism (Public), Tattoo & Piercing]

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