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"Improbable Progress" written by Max

"Improbable Progress" written by Max

Free Erotica Series featuring the Improbable Woman

She wants his lowered expectations raised to match her pleasurable urges. His improbable woman demonstrates her progress with a short videoclip featuring her Bad Dragon Nova dildo.

The Improbable Woman is one of the unlikely sexy companions that Tom becomes involved with as the shadow of his wulf nature darkens his passions. A lady featured in the Journal of the Wulf, her vibrant sexuality includes delightfully pursuing pleasures shaped by her need for control and urges to submit. His gifts, her promises, and their caring soothe his pain while their shared fantasies and caresses escalate as he tempts her with mythical cocks that she's always desired. Well, that, and the fact that if you ask for Bad Dragon dildos then you should put them to good use!

One of five lusty action stories in Very Dirty Stories #161, "Improbable Progress" is a breakthrough in pleasure as his sensual Improbable Woman shows off sexy Bad Dragon urges.

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Get dirty with dragons! His Improbable Woman loves mythical passions!

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Cherish Desire: Very Dirty Stories Free Erotica Series: Improbable Progress, Max, erotica

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Cherish Desire: Very Dirty Stories Free Erotica Series: Improbable Progress, Max, erotica
Featured Erotica from Very Dirty Stories #161

Very Dirty Stories #161

"Improbable Progress"

She wants his lowered expectations raised to match her pleasurable urges. His improbable woman demonstrates her progress with a short videoclip featuring her Bad Dragon Nova dildo. [Includes: Female Masturbation, Dildo Play, Fingering, Stretching, Vaginal Penetration, Dragon, Exhibitionism (Video), Implied MF]

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Her attention comes with cruelty, and Natalya's hold over her housewife pet is complete. Natalya doesn't share though, and she's certain even Max won't try to save the corrupted submissive. [Includes: FF, D/s, Cuckold, Fingering & Fisting & Double Fisting, Stretching, Implied Dildo Play & Wearing, Implied MF, Implied Group Sex, Implied Vaginal & Oral & Anal Sex, Implied Rough Sex]

"Unloving (An Angel Story)"

Angry about leaving to just end up living in his spare room again, Angel seeks to express her feelings. Struggling while considering how to hurt him, she discovers there is one word that describes her suffering. [Includes: Female Masturbation, Dildo Play, Vaginal & Implied Anal Penetration, Stretching, Implied MF, Implied D/s, Implied Vaginal & Anal Sex]

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"Improbable Progress" written by Max

With her knees drawn back to her chest, her tattoos and the pale skin of her pussy on display, his improbable lady whispered, "So you want to see my progress so far?" Her voice hummed with eager lust, and her abdomen moved with her soft laughter as she hefted her heavy ridged Bad Dragon dildo into place. The massive shaft required both her hands to steady it, and the entire length didn't fit within the focus of the camera lens. "I've been working all afternoon to show you this," she murmured with a sultry sigh. "Fucking my poor pussy over and over again is such hard work."

By keeping her little digital camera zoomed in close to what mattered, she covered up her soreness and the way her legs kicked as the smooth head pressed into the swollen folds of her labia. The initial flaring ridge of the glans was swallowed by her pink opening, and the next segment of the Nova began pressing into her sex. This is what she wanted him to see. Her pussy being stretched, spread, and filled. The large sex toy he had given her being put to good use. The smooth transition from the soft red tip into the dark blue shaft flowed into her pussy while her arms moved to thrust the silicon toy deeper. It wasn't the only Bad Dragon toy, of course. He had an eager hunger for women masturbating with dildos, household objects, and more intimate items - like fists. This video was a special treat to pay him back for how he had spoiled her and done his best to be patient. How he had given into her desires for smaller toys that she could ride and pleasure herself with every time she had a sexy urge. How he had accepted that it would take long months for her to ever handle the big dildos that they had both lusted after but which proved too much for her tiny pussy.

This wasn't the first thing she had shared with him, but it was the most significant. There were promises - made to him and made to herself - and this video put those in context. The camera was positioned on a tripod at the end of her bed so he could see her face. The lens was focused directly on her pelvis, but, to the side of the articulated fantasy cock that she was pushing into her pussy, he would be able to read her expression while she was propped up on her sky blue pillows and her dyed red hair stuck to her forehead as she worked up a sweat. The sweet Sparky stuffed animal that he'd given her for Winter Solstice was beside her shoulder and rocked with the motion of her mattress. Lips pressed together, pink tip of her tongue occasionally darting out to scavenge for moisture, she wanted him to understand how willing she was to go even further than he expected. She wanted him to see her intense dedication and pleasure. She wanted to prove to him that his reduced expectations could be raised.

Kissing the words to him as she felt the dildo's thickening shaft muscling aside her soft lips, she whispered, "You've wanted to see this for so long..." Her eyes were squeezed shut and her thighs trembled on the edges of the frame. "It goes... deeper... every night." She wanted him to understand. This was not a one time event. "And my Crackers and Nox are even bigger..." She needed him to know that she was looking forward to more and not just settling for the textured delights of the ridged Nova. With two-thirds of the shaft pressed into her sex, she held the base in place with a firm grip and began rocking the big dildo from side to side. "So I have to keep stretching..."

The head of the sex toy was deep under her navel, and every motion of the shaft was tugging and stroking her inner walls. Gasping whenever the silicon brushed into a sore spot and moaning as her pussy clenched down and tried to milk the big unnatural cock, she tried hard to stay in place despite the urge to writhe and twist. The tape on her duvet marked where she had to keep her hips so he could see what she wanted to show him, but her orgasm didn't care. Arching her back and squeezing her thighs together around the massive dark blue base, she uttered a string of curses and prayers to fantastic gods and goddesses while her body tried to thrust upward into the cock within her sex.

As fast as a summer squall, her orgasm dissipated and left her wet and aching. His improbable lady sunk into her bed and tried to adjust her position while her numb fingers grasped the hefty dildo still wedged into her sex. Her voice was husky and weak as she murmured, "You wanted to see my progress..." Trying to go slowly but lacking the fine motor control and strength to manage the heavy sex toy, she half pulled and half dropped the textured shaft while removing it from her pussy.

The camera was slightly off center so her light panting could be seen in the rapid rise and fall of her belly and chest. Her breasts were still shuddering from minor aftershocks. Her skin glowed with perspiration. But what she wanted him to focus on was still clearly visible. The soft furls of her labia edged her open sex, the pale skin rosy and pink on the outer edges and then a deeper bright red within. Her muscles were already squeezing her sex closed, pushing the pulsating velvet walls together, but the uneven ring of her opening was still spread apart. She let the Nova drop from her hands and it struck the floor with a thud as her pale fingers caressed her labia and toyed with her petite clitoris. "Eight orgasms today," she sighed as the camera captured the intimacy of how she delicately manipulated her aroused labia. "I have all weekend to keep going." Her body shook when her fingers pinched her clit and squeezed the tender nub tightly. "I'm almost taking his knot... so time to practice with my Nox and Crackers next." He could look up the measurements. She was too tired to spit out a string of numbers that seemed so abstract compared to the intense swelling and bruising within her pelvis.

Breathing slowly while still exploring the lingering tingling within her pussy with two fingers dragging over the soft folds that no longer closed over her opening, she opened her eyes and smiled for him. It was a heady achievement, and she was utterly spent. "I told you I wasn't going to let you down." With a blown kiss, she carefully pressed three and then four fingers into her sex. "If I could comfortably bend my wrist then I'm sure this bit would already be done." Laughing with a mad grin, she got up and turned off the camera. The last words on the video clip were spoken while the camera captured blurry images of the tattoos on her abdomen. "Now if you could convince me that it wouldn't hurt so much then maybe I'd ask you to help with my bottom."

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